The activity service tracks changes that have been made inside a project and allows to deploy and re-deploy those changes. It can be accessed by clicking on the activity icon at the top right corner of each project.

If the icon is highlighted in yellow, it indicates that there are changes that can be applied/deployed for your project.

Changes tracked by the activity service

Currently, Activity Service tracks the following project changes:

  • Integrations

    • New integrations added

    • Integration settings have been edited

    • Integration has been removed

  • Authentication

    • New AUTH provider added

    • AUTH provider settings have been edited

    • AUTH provider has been removed

To apply the changes to your project, you must deploy it via the Activity Page


Activity service can also be used to re-deploy or restart your project's micro-services, which might be needed in various circumstances or requested by the Deskree Support team. To do so click "Re-deploy" button on your latest deployment on the Activity page.

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