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Deskree automatically generates REST & GraphQL APIs for each table created in your database. This documentation is available in our web viewer as well as in the form of postman collections.

Web Viewer

To access the web view of database REST & GraphQL APIs, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Database view in the left navigation of your project

  • Go to the table you would like to view the APIs for

  • Click on the API Docs button

Postman Collections

Deskree uses postman collections as a way to document the APIs for:

These can be accessed by clicking the API Docs tab in the left navigation of your project.

You must activate an integration by providing all required secret data. Visit the Integrations page to learn more.

GraphQL Schema

Database - GraphQL is a GraphQL .schema file that can either be imported to postman or used with tools like Insomnia to view the documentation.

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