An overview of what is the authentication service for your project.


Deskree provides the ability to create user accounts for your back-end using both email/password authentication as well as OAUTH providers.

AUTH Providers

You can manage your AUTH providers with the Authentication tab of your project. There you will need to input provider-specific attributes to activate each AUTH method. If a provider is missing those attributes for the setup to be complete, it will be indicated by a red exclamation mark sign.


Authorization Header

All requests with permissions set other than Public require authentication. See Permissions page for more information.

To be able to get the token from the sign-up and sign-requests, you must first activate the AUTH provider you are using.

OAUTH Sign-In Flow

You must first activate the AUTH provider you are using.

In order to sign-up/sign-in a user using OAUTH providers you need to:

  1. Use the returned authUri to prompt the user to authenticate with the OAUTH provider

For a practical example visit:

How to do social sign-in?

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