Webhook is a callback to a third-party server defined by a user. On Deskree you can configure webhooks separately for each table in your database for POST, PATCH, and DELETE requests.

Important Notes

  • Each webhook callback is a POST request to the provided destination URL

  • The data sent via the webhook is the same data you would have gotten from GET by UID request.

  • Webhook destination cannot be set to the same table from where it is triggered to avoid an infinite loop.

    • For example, the products table webhook cannot have a destination URL set to /rest/collections/products

  • If the webhook destination URL is set to another Deskree Table API, it will omit UID, author, createdAt, and updatedAt parameters from the body to avoid 422 errors.

  • You can have an unlimited number of webhooks per table per method.

Each webhook trigger is counted against the API limit of your project


Imaginary objective: send data to https://example.com/test when a new row is added to the Deskree products table.

In order to achieve this functionality, you need to create a new webhook configuration with Deskree Automation suite by providing a webhook URL and defining the trigger method (POST, PATCH, or DELETE), as shown in the picture below:

Once configured, every time a new item is created in the Products table, Deskree webhook will send a post request to https://example.com/test URL.

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