The database is one of the core features of Deskree. For each project, we create a separate database instance with the following features:

Currently, we allow the creation of one database per project. However, soon users will be able to have an unlimited number of databases of various types (including MySQL, Postgres, etc.).


What are the database size limitation?

We do not limit the project based on the database size, number of columns, or other properties. You can have it as large or small as you prefer. For limitations, visit the Database Limitations page.

How can I query my database?
Can I import or export data?

We allow exporting and importing of data in JSON or CSV format. For more information, visit Import / Export page.

Can I connect Deskree to an existing database?

Currently, this feature is not implemented, but is it in the works and is coming in Q2 2023.

Why there is an author column in every database?

Deskree permissions allow you to configure who can access what information within your back-end. Hence, to be able to limit data edits/deletes only to the original author of an object, we save the UID of the user who originally created that object in a author column for each table. For more information visit the Permissions page.

What data is saved in one-to-one or one-to-many type columns?

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