Import / Export


You can import data to the Deskree database from each Table page by pressing the import button.

The data can be either in CSV or JSON file and must follow the database schema for the table. Be aware of the current limitations that currently exist within data Import.


  • The system does not type-check the data being sent. Hence, the data type for each column will not be enforced.

  • No authors will be tracked during the import and the column will be just an empty string

  • All references (one-to-one and one-to-many) will be disregarded and an empty string will be set as the value

  • Users table cannot be imported since each user needs to be created through AUTH APIs

  • File uploads (Storage data type) will be skipped

  • createdAt and updatedAt fields are automatically set by the system during the import

Note that the total number of imported items will be counted against the API limit of your project

Alternative Ways

An alternative way to import data can be a custom script that utilizes database APIs to populate the data. If you require assistance in mass data import or creating such a script, feel free to reach out to our support team via live chat.


You can export your entire database data in CSV or JSON format. Once processed, the data will be sent to your email.

Note that the total number of exported items will be counted against the API limit of your project

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