Mailgun is an email automation service built for developers. It provides users with an opportunity to create, send, and analyze their email and ad campaigns.

What is it about?

Mailgun integration is a transactional API email service for developers. The system allows to achieve 97% deliverability rates due to its powerful APIs

Compliant with various standards and simple to use.

Provides email marketing features including a/b testing, segmentation, and personalization so that emails delivered to the right audience and engage them

Main points to consider regarding env vars

There are 2 main variables that we ask you to provide: BaseUrl and Primary API Key

  • BaseUrl (we call it YOUR URL) is the url of your domain based on the region where it was created. Mailgun provides us with 2 different urls for US and EU regions.


Example of urls for different regions:

  • US:

  • EU:

To understand which of yur domains were cretead in US or EU go to your Mailgun account and then to the dashboard. There you will see a list of your domains at the botom of the page (under Sending Domains tab). You will see a flag to the left of your domain that will represent US or EU regions.

  • Primary API Key allows you to perform all CRUD operations. It is generated during acoount creation and can be found in the Mailgun dashboard click on Settings on the left-hand nav in the Mailgun dashboard and then API Keys and click on the eye icon next to Private API key

If you need more details about environment variables that we use you can check out the Mailgun documentation. To understand where to find your token and BaseUrl please check out our video on the Mailgun integration page regarding this topic.

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