ShipStation is SaaS shipping platform that allows you to manage all your shippings in one place.

What is it about?

ShipStation integration will allow you to ship, manage and dispatch your orders. Advanced tracking and insights information is provided in an all-in-one interactive dashboard to gain complete control over your orders.

You can have detailed information on the inventory, monitor stock levels, set inventory alerts, and allocate stock.

Choose carriers based on the best rates and print shipping labels for all of your orders. Connects seamlessly to over 70 channels to assist in reaching more customers.

Main points to consider regarding env vars

ShipStation uses basic authentification. This means that for the integration to work we need users to provide us with their API Key and API Secret. To get them you need to follow these steps:

  1. Login to your ShipStation account.

  2. Open a drop-down menu on the left by clicking on Account.

  3. Go to the API Settings page and you will see your API Key and Secret at the bottom of the page

If you need a more detailed explanation on this topic, please refer to ShipStation documentation. To understand where to find variables please check out our video on the ShipStation integration page regarding this topic.

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