Use Slack integration to provide people in the organization with the exact information they need

What is it about?

Slack integration helps you easily navigate through business discussions about a particular project.

Engage in instant discussions regarding day-to-day business-related topics.

Overall, Slack is a great community tool, which will help your staff to work effectively as a team to resolve problems the business world throws at them.

Main points to consider regarding env vars

Slack has 3 main types of tokens that provide you access to different parts of the API. Within the Deskree platform you can use one token at a time, so choose a token to add depending on your needs. Here are the tokens that you can get:

  • Bot token- the token that represents the bot associated with the application you install to your workspace. Permissions can be added during token creation. To get your Bot token you need to create a Slack application. One of 2 main tokens that we consider people would use on the Deskree platform. Inside your app, go to the OAuth & Permissions page and scroll down to the Bot token set up. After you will add all the permissions you need to your Bot token install your application to your workspace. After installation, you will be able to see your token on the OAuth & Permissions page of your app.

  • User token - gives an ability to work on behalf of the user. Unlike Bot tokens, User tokens are not associated with the app on your workspace but tied to the user's identity. To get it you need to follow the same steps you would take if you were to set up the bot token. One of 2 main tokens that we consider people would use on the Deskree platform.

  • App-level token - is used with APIs of the single app that is installed on different workspaces. This token is the one that you should consider using last on our platform as it will not allow using most of the features of Slack integration. To get it you will need to create a Slack application. Inside your app, you need to navigate to the Basic information page and create an App-level token there.

To quickly distinguish between these 3 types use this note:

Hint: Different tokens start differently:

  • Bot token - xoxb

  • User token - xoxp

  • App-level token - xapp

If you need a more detailed explanation of the tokens' types, please refer to the Slack documentation. To understand where to find tokens please check out our video on the Slack integration page regarding this topic.

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