Admin Token

What is and how to use an admin token within your project.


The admin token plays an essential role in your project, giving you the ability to make requests to any of your API endpoints bypassing the permissions. The token is generated for each project when it is first created and can be accessed by navigating to Project Settings -> Access Token.

In order to use this token, you need to send a deskree-admin header with the admin token.

If you think, for some reason, this secret leaks, you can regenerate it by going to your project's settings.

Using Admin Token

DANGER: Always keep your Deskree Admin token secure as it is a very powerful token that may allow unwanted access to your data if compromised. If you believe that is the case, you can always refresh your token.

To use the admin token, you need to include it in the header of your request as deskree-admin.


headers: { "deskree-admin": `${token}` }

Refresh Token

If you believe that your token has been compromised or you want to generate a new token for other reasons, you can always do so by navigating to Project Settings -> Access Token and clicking on the Re-Generate Token button. The system will then ask you to confirm your account credentials and will issue the new token.

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