API Calls: Limit, Count, and Excess


Deskree offers a variety of pricing plans with different API calls and Storage limits. In this guide, we will explain how API calls are counted against your project API limit.

To view your project's current limit and used data, navigate to Project Settings -> Billing tab.

When do API & Storage limits reset?

API and Storage limit reset at the of the billing cycle. Which is the 20th of each month.

How API calls are counted?

Every time you make any API requests to your system, it counts as one API request against your limit. This includes REST, GraphQL, and SDK calls from, but is not limited to:

  • Database

  • Integrations

  • Analytics

  • AUTH

When you are viewing your data through the Deskree Web App (ex. Database view), this also counts against your API limit.


The system does not take into account the requests that produced 500 errors or errors related to the system-performance. However, user-level errors such as 403, 404, 422, etc. are counted against your project's API limit.

Special Cases

There is a number of special cases where API count works differently.


Each webhook call is counted against your API limit. You can see how many webhooks have been triggered by a Database API call in the response info object.

For example, the following response indicated that your request has triggered 3 webhooks calls and consequently 3 API calls against your limit:

    "data": [...],
    "meta": {},
    info: {
        action: "POST",
        webhooksTriggered: 3

In GraphQL, this data is located inside the extensions object.

Data Import / Export

When importing/exporting the data, the system will make a number of API calls equal to the number of rows being extracted or imported, which will be counted against your API limit.

For example, if you are importing a file that has 100 rows, this will produce 100 requests against your API limit.


When getting the data from the database with includes parameter to fetch the one-to-one and one-to-many reference objects, the total number of objects fetched will be counted against your API limit. This will be indicated in the meta object includesCount parameter in the response to the request.


When backups are turned on, the system will make a number of API calls equal to the number of rows being saved in a backup, which will be counted against your API limit.

For example, if you have 100 rows in a database and backups turned on daily, the system will be making 100 API requests per day, which will be counted against your API limit.

Currently, the backup feature is set up for daily backups, and management of the feature or ability to recover the backup is not available via the Deskree platform - only by contacting support. Hence, until those aspects can be managed by users, we will not be counting those actions against the API limits.

Limit Exceeded

Free Plans

If you are on a Free plan and exceeded your API calls limit, the system will stop accepting API requests and will be returning 403 error, until any of the following events happen:

  • The limit is automatically reset on the 20th of each month

  • The project is updated to one of our paid plans

If your project is on the paid plan, the system will continue accepting the requests and any API requests above your included limit will be billed to you at the end of the billing cycle (20th of each month).

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