Project Info

Once you've selected the "+ add a new project" button, you will be asked to enter the following key bits of information before you get into essential project customization.

Project Name

When a project is created, we request that you provide a name for your project (e.g. "Pilot Project ✈️"). This feature is specifically available for you to differentiate between projects on your Deskree dashboard and must be between 4 - 30 characters in length.

Project ID

Project IDs are global identifiers for your project and are used to build API subdomains. They must be unique and between 4 - 30 characters in length.

Note: Your project ID is an essential part of the API request process and will be used as a domain for your API URL. It cannot be changed after the project was created.

Project Label Color

Project label color is another visual differentiator that you can use to customize your project. We have an array of colors available to suit your ✨ preferred palette ✨. Once a project label color is selected, when you return to your dashboard after completing the creation of your project, that specific project will appear in your chosen color (e.g. yellow or purple).

Project Timezone

Project timezone impacts the timestamps we've built into your project updates history. Timestamps will be provided in the timezone that you selected during the initial stages of your project (e.g. America/Toronto).

The project timezone cannot be changed after the project was created

Project Role & Type

What's your role in this project?

Are you:

A snazzy back-end developer looking to shave some time off of your tedious tasks?

A project manager looking for oversight into development progress?

Who are you building the project for?

An agency?

Your cozy startup in Toronto with a small team?

Or perhaps an enterprise client?

Selecting your role in the project and the type of project allows us to get to know you a bit better & allows us to tailor your marketing experience with Deskree.

Note: Selecting any of the available roles or types during the project creation process does not have an impact on your permissions within the project.

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