How to add an integration?


Integrations are 3rd party software that is used to simplify the development process. For example, if you are building an ECommerce you will need some kind of payment system. To get it fast and easy you integrate 3rd party software like Stripe. After the setup, you will have a working payment system in your store.

List of integrations

For the full list of integrations, visit:


How to add integrations?

Adding integration is very simple as well as its setup:

1. Inside your project go to the "Integrations" page:

2. On the integrations page choose any integration you want to add. Then click on it so the button "Add integration" appears. Click on the button

3. Then go to the integration you add by clicking on its icon that should appear in the top section of the same page called "Integrations":

Note: if integrations are not on the list after you added them, try reloading the page

4. On the integration page enter the environment variable(s) that we ask you to provide. To understand where to find it(them) please watch the video located on the same page. Then click the button "Save" and congratulations, you have set up the integration!

Note: after clicking the "Save" button please allow the redeploy to finish. It will take approximately 10 minutes

What if I want an integration that is not on Deskree yet?

If you have integrations in mind that you want to use but cannot find on our platform please reach out to us on our Discord server.

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