This is the official documentation of deskree-js - Javascript SDK of the Deskree platform.

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Install the Deskree SDK using npm:

npm install @deskree/deskree-js@latest axios --save

deskree-js is using axios as a dependency. Hence, it must be installed in your package.json for the SDK to work.

Initial Setup

Import the createClient method for NodeJS backend projects and create an instance of the client passing the configurations required:

import createClient from '@deskree/deskree-js'
import axios from 'axios'

const options = {
  projectId: "YOUR_PROJECT_ID",
  axios: axios

/* Optional options
* adminToken: this is the access token that you can get from Settings/Access Token
* userToken: this is the token created with the user sign in workflow

const client = createClient(options)

Read more about createClient() Method


To learn about authorization flow, visit Authorization

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